History Of Foothill Ranch, California
This is a master-planned community, one of the newest in South Orange County, and is comprised of a balance
of residential, business & open space.Annexed into Lake Forest, in 2000, at that time, the population of Foothill
Ranch was 10,899.
The Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park.
Over 1,500 acres of deeply forested canyons, scenic rock formations and grassy rolling hills are enriched by
intermittent streams and trails to create an ideal open-air opportunity for hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians.
The park’s interpretive center features a trail rest stop, cultural and natural history exhibits and park information.
Heritage Hill Historic Park
Composed of 4.1 acres, four historic buildings and associated structures for maintenance and public restrooms.
Guided tours through the buildings are provided for the public Wednesday through Sunday. The tours offer an
interpretation of Saddleback area history through the artifacts, events and people associated with each building.
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