Silver Star Limousine and Airport Service provides limousine and airport transportation for all events in or
around San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California. We have always valued customer service. Our goal is
to provide luxury transportation with service first. We are very familiar with the San Juan Capistrano area and
would have no problem servicing your needs. Silver Star Limousine and Airport Service has a wide range of
vehicles like limousines and towncars in the San Juan Capistrano area. Towncars, Sedans, Lincoln Navigator,
Chrysler 300 limousines, Lincoln limousines, Hummer limousines, Escalade limousines all service San Juan
Capistrano Ca. WE ARE A LOCAL COMPANY(NOT NATIONWIDE). You may come to our office in Huntington
Beach,Ca to book or call to book over the phone. We will then fax or email you the contract for you to execute
and send back. Our objective is not to dent your wallet one good time and have you feeling taken advantage
of. We want to keep you as a lifelong customer. We have been successful in this industry for that very reason.
Most companies don’t care about your return business. We are legal certified and here for the long term. We
want you to tell your friends and family that you have a great transportation company that will always take care
of you and your needs. Please accept this opportunity to give us a try and let you find out whether or not we
are a keeper. Thank you for reading.
John Wayne Airport Service/Long Beach Airport Service/Lax
Airport Service/ from or to San Juan Capistrano

History Of Capistrano Beach, California
For more than 200 years, the Mission San Juan Capistrano has played a crucial part in the life of this city.
Father Junipero Serra founded the “Jewel of the Mission” in 1776, and a town eventually grew up around the
Catholic outpost.Built to help colonize California for the Spanish and to ease the local Indians into the Spanish
culture, the mission today makes the city a major tourist draw.This is especially true during the annual March
19th celebration, marking the return of the swallows to their summer home. The St. Joseph’s Day celebration,
once a day long religious commemoration, has evolved into a three week Heritage Festival sponsored by the
local Fiesta Association.Today’s San Juan Capistrano is a mix of new residents and descendants of early
ranchers and native Americans. Small, modern business developments are only blocks from the mission and
other historic buildings, and housing projects spread east across the valley.Indian villages once dotted the
small valleys near present-day San Juan Capistrano. Soon after the mission was built, cultivated fields, grazing
lands, granaries and the making of ceramics, bricks, tiles and textiles made the settlement a self-contained
village.In the 1850’s, San Juan Capistrano was booming. It was a convenient stopping place for travelers and
prospectors on their way to the Northern California gold fields.In 1888, the California Central Railroad was
extended from Santa Ana to Oceanside, which brought people to San Juan Capistrano. Between 1910 and
1920, electricity, paved roads and the telephone arrived.The 1950s brought swift changes, including the
extension of the San Diego (I-5) Freeway through the city. The opening of the freeway in 1959 brought tourists
– and the city began to realize its marketability.Information Provided by Click for link

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