If you are coming to Orange County for a special event and thinking of hiring a limousine service for the same, you should be aware of some limo etiquette rules. It might be surprising to you because people generally don’t discuss this. Also, many people think that there is no such etiquette in the car rental service. They can use the limo as they want or like and no one can stop them.


Yes, you can use and treat the limousine service as you like but there is nothing wrong if you follow the etiquette. You need to keep in mind that luxury car service is very different from other car rental services and it’s very high-class. And in return for this quality service, the company and the limo driver demand respectful treatment.


Keep a check on the number of people traveling

If you are traveling alone, there is nothing to worry about. The car is all yours and you can travel comfortably. But, if you are traveling with your family or in a group, you should keep a strict check on the passenger count. And make sure you enter the right number when booking the service.


If there is an increase in the passenger count due to any reason, you should inform the service provider about the same. This will help the rental company to arrange the best transport option for you.


Learn to get inside the limo 

There is only one way to get inside and sit in the car and everyone knows that. There is nothing to learn in this. You are right. But, if you are using a limousine service, the way to get in and settle inside is a bit different. If you don’t learn, this might lead to last-minute mishaps and clumsiness.


Here, you should let the driver open the door for you, sit in the first space you find and then swing your legs in smoothly.


Know about the permitted things/activities in the limo 

Limousine service means the party on the wheel because the limo is very spacious and often equipped with party items. Even if it’s about going to a professional event, people enjoy the journey in the limo. You too should do that because you paid for the same.


Most limousine service providers allow [party inside the limo but not all. So, you should check the dos and don’ts with the company before booking the service. Even if the company allows it, you should stay within your limits and shouldn’t involve the driver in it. Also, you should respect your driver at any cost.


Leave the limo as you got it

The limousine service providers try their best to give you quality service. They check the condition of the car and get it cleaned. Sometimes, they even prepare the car as per customers’ preferences.


As you will receive the limo in perfect condition, you should leave it in the same way. You shouldn’t trash the limo by leaving empty bottles, cans, or wrappers. You shouldn’t throw food on other passengers or put your shoes all over the seats. Keep in mind that many luxury car providers charge cleaning fees.


Following the above-mentioned etiquettes will make your journey with limousine service in Orange County perfect. So, keep them in your mind.


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