If it’s about traveling in large groups and having fun throughout the journey, transportation matters. You cannot travel in different small vehicles and enjoy the trip. It will look more like a solo journey than a group journey. 

The best conveyance for the group journey is a bus. But, which bus? 

When hiring a bus, people often get confused between a party bus, limo bus, and charter bus. Many people use these names interchangeably and end up hiring the wrong rental service and wasting their money. But truly, there is a huge difference between these bus types. 

In this post, we will discuss the difference so that you hire the right bus for your next group journey. 

Party bus– As the name suggests, the party bus sets a party mood because it is equipped with all the party essentials. You will feel like entering a mini party venue with amenities like alcohol, music, and others. The best thing is there is tons of space in the party bus to dance.

Other than party essentials, you will find a refrigerator, TV, restrooms, and other luxuries in the party bus. It means your party will start before reaching the actual party venue. And if you wish to party on wheels with no specific location, the party bus will be a great host. You just need to explain your requirements before the rental company when hiring a party bus. 

Limo Bus– The term “Limo” itself defines luxury. Not only buses but there are limo cars as well that people hire for a grand entry in the venue. 

The limo bus is luxurious and equipped with all the amenities like a party bus, but still, it’s different. Also, the feeling will be different. 

In a limo bus, you won’t have space to dance because the seats aren’t arranged along the sides like in a party bus. But, you can book a limo bus whenever you want, unlike a party bus that is rented on special occasions or festivals. This is why you can find an affordable limo bus in Orange County. 

Charter bus– This is completely different from a party bus and limo bus and very similar to a normal bus. You will neither get luxury nor party space in the charter bus. 

The exterior look of the charter bus might confuse you because it looks a bit similar to a party bus and limo but the interior is completely different. The inside of the charter bus is filled with shuttle seats. There is no dance floor, music, or fancy lights. 

Mostly a charter bus is rented by a large group for traveling from one city to another. If only traveling is your objective with no luxury and fun inside the bus, the charter bus is the best. 

Which bus to hire

The role and functioning of all three buses are very different. You should know your traveling needs before hiring one for yourself. 

If you want luxury with a full party setup, rent a party bus. If you are concerned about comfort and luxury and the party isn’t on your list, rent a limo bus. Lastly, if it’s just about traveling in a large group, rent a charter bus. 

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